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The Sales Buzz Issue 59-Set your goals - Take action-Get motivated - Upgrade your lifestyle
January 12, 2010

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In this Issue of The Sales Buzz

Goal setting and actions to upgrade your lifestyle

In last week’s issue we looked at setting goals and the common mistakes that stop people achieving them.

This week we look at the actions that will get you those desired goals, how to motivate yourself with an NLP motivation technique, and the key to achieving goals – Be Honest about what you want.

If you want to achieve goals, and have fun while you do it, scroll down to setting goals and taking actions...

Womanhood- The place for working women

The Womanhood section of the site is written and managed by Donna Craine of DC Hypnotherapy. It’s about women at work, the challenges they face, how to recognise stress and what to do about it.

Read the latest additions to the Womahood section, and see if these issues affect you by scrolling down to find latest updates on Womanhood ...

The Sales Objection section has had a makeover

I’ve tidied up and put things in order. Now you can find what you’re looking for and put the really effective 4 step objection process into action. Scroll down the page to see the revamped and updated sales objections pages...

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Goal setting and actions to
upgrade your lifestyle

Last week we discussed goal setting and how to get the habits of success by setting small easy to achieve goals to get you started.

...If you missed last week’s newsletter or want to look at how to set goals and objectives, and get those winning habit’s of success, take a look at
last week’s Sales Buzz on goal setting and start the process of success.

Then come back here and see the next actions to make your goals happen..

So you’ve set some nice easy goals that will give you some benefits.

You have some motivational reasons why you want to achieve them.

And, you have some ideas about the first actions you should take.

Now we kick start your actions and give you a vision of success

This week we kick start your actions and give you a vision of what life will be like when you have achieved your goals.

Let’s start with a picture of you, and what will have positively changed once you achieve the simple goals you set using the techniques in last week’s newsletter on goal setting.

Take a few minutes of quiet time for yourself, go on you know you deserve it.

Now look into the future a little to the time you have set for you to achieve your goals.

We started off nice and easy so you should be looking about 3 months or less ahead.

See yourself in surroundings associated with the goals you have set.

If you set a goal to increase sales figures to gain recognition and be seen as a top seller with great job security, see yourself at work.

See a monthly sales meeting, or a time at work when you will receive the recognition you deserve.

A goal to increase sales figures so you can gain something personal, a lifestyle change, or money for something you want, takes you to a vision of the future when you have the desired benefit.

Even better if it’s something you want to buy see yourself buying it. Those dollars are what you achieved by hitting the objective you set.

Future pacing your success

This technique is called future pacing and is used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) therapy.

When you take a few minutes of your quiet time, and visualize the future having achieved the goal you set, you should experience all the emotions as if it was real.

Put yourself in the time when you have reached the easy goal, and feel like you will when you actually get there.

If you are setting a goal to buy something, feel yourself touching it. See yourself through your own eyes using it, enjoying it, remember you did this.

You said to yourself: I want this. This is when I will have it by. This is why I want it.

Now you are re-enforcing that message. Giving your sub-conscious direction.

There’s a part of your brain that filters the information passed to your conscious mind. It doesn’t matter what it’s called. That will not help you achieve anything. We are trying to keep this easy, remember.

By future pacing you are telling your brain that any information related to this future vision should be allowed through.

So if you have set a goal to increase sales you are telling your internal filters to look for, and allow through to your conscious mind, any information and opportunities that will help you to increase sales.

Be honest to achieve goals

When you see the vision of the future where you have achieved your goal be honest with yourself.

You want to feel the emotional high that achieving your goal will give you.

Again we use the simple example of a goal of increasing sales. Remember, if you read last week’s newsletter on goal setting you will have set the amount of increase, when you will achieve this increase by, and why you want to do it.

Let’s look at why you want to do it

You have set a goal to increase sales.

...This is just an example. This applies to all goals you set now or in the future...

And you have told yourself that you want to increase sales because you will earn more money, or want recognition at work, or to grow your small business.

Really, are you being honest?

Why do you want to earn more money? Where’s the fun in that. What part of earn more money sets your emotions on fire?

Be honest with yourself.

If when you think of earning more money you think of a big house with a pool, a great car parked in a garage bigger than your current home, and waking up next to a different beautiful person every morning, then tell it like it is.

You don’t want more sales.

You want the new lifestyle, and that’s what will motivate you to take actions. The increased sales, and the money you will earn, are the currency that that your actions convert into to get you what you really want.

Turn negatives into positives

You can’t achieve negatives because you can’t picture them without thinking about the thing you are trying to move away from.

Have you ever tried to give something up? Smoking, alcohol, the wrong types of food.

What makes it so difficult is that you can’t think of not smoking without thinking about smoking. You are using the future pacing technique we discussed earlier but focusing it on where you are now instead of where you want to be.

Many people I work with as private clients want to increase sales to get out of debt. Debt is a negative. It is the present situation you want to move away from, not the goal you want to achieve.

It’s no wonder that by the time people come to me they are convinced they can’t achieve their goal of increasing sales to get out of debt.

Focusing on negative sthat you want to move away from is the second biggest mistake when setting goals.

The biggest mistake, that we discussed last week, is setting goals that are far too big and hard. You learn the habits of success by setting nice easy goals to get you started.

Turn your negative don’t wants into positive do wants

Let’s take debt as an example. What’s the positive vision of the future when you are debt free?

There is no answer that will fit everyone so come up with your own. Here are some examples from sales people and small business owners that I’ve worked with:

Most of my monthly salary will be mine

That’s a positive, but take it further. What are you going to do with it? Picture yourself spending it and enjoying it. Feel what it’s like to have money to spend without planning and budgeting.

No more debt collectors calling

This is a big negative and one that you rightly would want to move away from. But you have to build a bright picture. How about you answering the door or the telephone to friends, family, a date, and being positively excited rather than worried about who it is.

My business will be safe

Well that doesn’t really get my juices flowing, how about you. Is safe the best you can do? How about that spare money to re-invest into your business.

What if you took the money you used to pay out to creditors and spent it on sales and marketing to boost sales and grow your business.

But that still isn’t positive enough. When you have invested the money what will the rewards be for you? Yes you personally. Are we back to the big house and great car again? Be honest about what you really want.

Now you have the vision – What are the first actions

You know what you want. You have built a future vision. Now set the first actions.

Let me ask you one simple question.

Are you prepared to set and take 3 simple actions right now that will move you closer to your goal?

There may be some work needed. You may have to give more time to achieving your goal. This may even mean missing some television in the evening or weekends.

...Not much I promise, remember I said we were starting off with nice easy goals to learn the habits of achieving goals..

So are you prepared to set and take 3 simple actions right now and commit to completing them?

If not, stop reading this, you’re wasting your time, come back when you have a goal you’re serious about achieving and one that means something to you.

Set 3 simple actions

If you are willing to make a little commitment, then let’s set some actions. Just easy actions to start with to get you into the routine of success.

You know what your goals are. I don’t, so only you will know what your actions should be, and here are some guidelines to help you out.

To set your first 3 actions ask yourself some questions

Do I have all the skills I need to achieve my goals?

This is skill and competency, not motivation or will to succeed. If increasing sales is your goal is there a part of your sales training that needs improving. Look at whatever it is you do that will achieve your goal.

Break down the process into its elemental parts, and ask yourself if there is any training, support, or improvement that will help you.

What is the first small change that I will see?

How will you know you have moved, even in a small way, towards your goal? Take yourself, using the future pacing technique, to that first step and decide what actions you need to take to get there.

What changes do I have to make to me?

Do you need to change to get started towards your goal?

If you want to increase sales or grow your small business you might need to visit more customers. That could mean becoming more active. You might not like cold calling. To make changes, first identify them, and then look for the motivation to change.

Now set 3 actions

Set 3 actions that will be your first steps to achieving the goals you have set.

Clearly define the actions.

Commit to completing them by a set time.

Remind yourself of why you’re taking the actions and your motivation to achieve the goal.

Next week we look at more on goal setting and actions to make changes to your life. In the meantime here are some useful links to the Sales Training Sales Tips website. These are a good place to start now if you are looking to increase sales, or grow a small business, as part of the goals you have set.

Sales Skills

To increase your selling skills leave the Sales Buzz Newsletter on Goal setting and actions and open the Sales Skills section of the site. Click around the links and pick up the skills for the weakest part of your sales process.

Sales Appointment Setting

A lot of people I have coached and trained are great in front of customers but hate cold calling and appointment making.

There is a whole section on sales appointments and cold calling to get in front of customers. If this is one of your actions leave Goal setting and actions and open the Appointment Setting section of the site.

Sales Objection Handling

The Sales Objection section of the site has just had a makeover.

You know what it’s like, you try and get all your ideas and sales training written down. It makes sense to you but to everyone else it looks a mess of information. So I’ve had a tidy up and put some sense of order to it.

So if overcoming more sales objections is one of your goals you’re in luck. Take a look at the new and improved Sales Objection section of the Sales Training Sales Tips website

For all the other Information

For information on Job Interviews and preparation, small business sales and marketing, and a very popular part of the site – Starting your own small business online – Go to the Home Page of the Sales Training Sales Tips website

Womanhood- The place for working women

If you’re a woman in business you’ll want to see the latest pages in the Womanhood section of the site.

Womanhood is a section of the Sales Training Sales Tips website written and managed by Donna Craine of DC Hypnotherapy. Donna works with clients and specializes in the issues affecting women in the workplace.

Whether you are an employee, Sales and Marketing specialist, Director, or manage your own small business, the womanhood section is growing into a store of information that you can relate to and use for your benefit. Here are the latest additions to Womanhood:

Symptoms of Stress

Women face additional pressures in the workplace.

Stress for women can be caused by many issues and circumstances such as: glass ceilings in senior management structures, to outdated beliefs and misconceptions on the shop floor.

On this page you’ll find the physical and mental symptoms of stress that you may have identified in yourself at some time. Recognising and being aware of these symptoms is the first step to dealing with stress.

See more on the Symptoms of Stress and see how this could be affecting you...

Handling Stress in a Small Business

An interview with successful business woman Hazel Stopford.

Donna Craine interviews a successful business woman with a thriving therapy practice. Hazel Stopford discusses how stress has affected her, and more importantly, how she deals with it.

They talk about how stress changes as the needs of the business change, and how business owners have to change and become more flexible.

If you are in business, own your own business, or manage people, you will want to read Handling stress in a small business...

Do you think there is more pressure on today's women?

Here's a question sent in by a visitor to the Womanhood pages, what's your opinion?

Do you think there is more pressure on today's generation of women to excel in the workplace and in relationships/motherhood, and to be physically attractive all at the same time, compared to previous generations?

Share your opinion, tell us what you think, and leave a comment, or even a full page, at Today's pefect woman...

The newlook sales objection section

I’ve tidied up, thrown out any rubbish, and set everything out neat and organised.

When I start a new section on the Sales Training Sales Tips website I tend to throw all my ideas and experience into a heap and then push things around until it has some sort of order.

Now after months of pushing the sales objection training information around I’ve finally got it looking professional and you can find what you’re looking for.

...This reminds me of my Mother telling me to tidy my room..

You can now see a really effective process for dealing with sales objections and lots of additional, organised, and neat and tidy information that will help you close more sales.

Take a look at my neat and tidy newly cleaned-up Sales Objections section of the Sales Training Sales Tips website

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