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The Sales Buzz Issue 294 - Emotional Selling Techniques to Close More Sales
November 10, 2015

Emotional Selling Techniques to Close More Sales

Using emotional sales techniques will close more sales by creating feelings that influence your prospects to buy on impulse.

Have you ever been clothes shopping and spent more than you can afford on that great outfit, or bought a dream holiday because of how the brochures made you feel?

These are all examples of using our emotions to make a buying decision.

Using our heart over our head.

Do people buy your products because of their emotions or by using pure logical thinking?

If you can see when this is happening you can sell to match the emotional process.

Recognising When to use Emotional
Selling Techniques

Many times I've seen prospects buy using their feelings and emotions but the sales person doesn't notice when this is happening.

The sales pitch, the product, what they see, hear, and physically feel, all work to create an emotional internal feeling that makes the prospect want the product.

Then they sell the idea to themselves using logical internal arguments. Retail sales people often hear customers talking themselves into making a buying decision.

Unless sales people are aware of how to spot when prospects are using emotional and logical thought processes they won't know how the prospect is thinking, and whether to use logical or emotional techniques to close the sale.

Recognising when emotional processes are being used means you can make your presentation and closing stages of the sale appeal to the prospect's emotions, feelings, and impulses, and that means you will close more sales. See more on this really useful side of selling at Emotional Selling Techniques...

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