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The Sales Buzz Issue 293 - Early Objections on Appointment Calls
November 05, 2015

Early Objections on
Appointment Calls

How Can You Overcome Them?

Early objections on appointment calls that don’t make sense or act as a smoke screen are a real pain but they can be overcome with the right techniques .

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When you make appointment setting calls and you get hit by illogical objections right at the start of the call it can really wear down your resilience.

When I listened to my teams making cold calls I could hear their motivation levels draining away when they got a, ‘Not interested, too busy, just going out,’ or any other smoke screen objection.

So when they learned some effective techniques to overcome them there was an immediate boost to their results.

And their motivation levels stayed high giving them great resilience that supported them when they weren’t successful.

And all of the above can cause objections on appointment calls just to get you off the phone.

3 Early Objections on Appointment Calls You Probably Get

There are 3 types of early objections on appointment calls that are common across many marketplaces and industries:

1. I’m too busy to talk right now

This can take the form of, I’m too busy call back, I’ve a meeting to go to, I’m washing my hair, bathing the dog, or on my way out. They all mean the same, the prospect has listened to your appointment call introduction and you haven’t grabbed their attention or their interest.

2. I’m not interested

Same as above, but at least this time they are telling you that you haven’t said anything in your introduction that has made them interested.

3. We’ve already got one

This appointment objection can take the form of:

My brother in law does that for us, we have a supplier already that does that, or there is nothing wrong with the machine we have.

The real reason they have objected is that they haven’t heard anything that makes them believe you could offer a benefit for them compared to whatever it is that they do now.

You could have the best priced, most effective, whizzy bit of kit on the planet, but if you don’t find a way to get communicate a benefit to your prospect in the first few sentences of your cold call you will not get to meet with them and you will not get the opportunity to close a sale.

What you will get is one of the 3 appointment objections above, or a similar smoke screen objection.

How Can You Overcome Early Objections on Appointment Calls?

The answer is you can’t.

The prospect is using a smoke screen that hides the real objection. The action you need to take is to prevent the objection by having a stunning appointment setting call introduction that includes potential benefits for the customer that make them want to hear more.

How do you create this stunning introduction and prevent early objections on appointment calls? By taking 3.5 minutes of your valuable time to look at the free sales training at Sales Appointments Introduction Stage

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