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The Sales Buzz Issue 276 - Disguising Reasons for Calling Prospects
July 02, 2015

Disguising Reasons for Calling Prospects

By disguising reasons for calling prospects you can turn a sales appointment cold call into a call offering a really useful and wanted benefit of value.

What’s Your Opinion on These Two Scenarios?

Scenario 1

Some time after you visited a car showroom, but didn’t buy from them, you get a telephone call.

The call is from a salesman.

He says he realises that you didn’t buy last time you visited, and you may still be thinking of changing your car in the near future.

He then goes on to try to arrange an appointment to meet at the showroom.

He talks about the new features and beenfits of the car, and the deals that he can offer you.

He asks you some questions about what you use your car for to try to persuade you to meet with him.

And he gives examples of the trade-in value of your existing car against the price of the new model.

Scenario 2

The second scenario is a call from the same car showroom. This time there is no sales pitch.

Instead the Customer Care Manager explains that she has the latest model hot off the conveyor, and as you have visited them before they would like to offer you a test drive in this new model that few people have seen yet.

She adds a few of the new benefits the car offers the driver, and tells you that they would value your opinion and feedback after the test drive on the car, the new deals available, and how it is displayed in the showroom.

To make it convenient for you she will come to your home and collect you and your family in the new model. ‘Now, are you available Saturday morning or is afternoon better?’

Which One Would Get Your Attention?

There is no attempt to disguise that Scenario 1 is a sales call.

If like many people you get cautious when you realise it’s a sales call there is very little in this call that would motivate you to agree to a sales appointment at the showroom.

But what would your reaction to Scenario 2 be?

Even if buying a car was not on your mind you may consider agreeing to the test drive in the new model, especially as it’s from the Customer Care Manager and not a car salesman.

From the prospects viewpoint Scenario 2 offers some benefits.

Getting picked up at home where the neighbours will see the new model outside the house.

Test driving a car many people have not yet seen.

And, they want your feedback, your opinions are important to them, that makes you feel important.

From the sales woman’s viewpoint

Despite her title she is a sales woman

She is getting her customer care coat on and she is coming to your house to sell you a car.

If she doesn’t sell it to you on the test drive you have agreed to come back to the showroom where it will be difficult to escape because you won’t have your car with you, remember she is picking you up.

She wants your opinion on the deals they are offering.

so that’s a good excuse to ask you some financial questions as an example and show you the best deal for your circumstances.

And then there is the beautiful opening for a trial close as she says, ‘Would that deal interests you?’ Purely as a matter of feedback of course, unless you say yes and then the paperwork will be under your nose ready for you to sign.

A Sales Appointment Call in Disguise

The objective of both calls in the 2 scenarios was the same, to get into a position where they could try to sell you a car.

The first Scenario was a sales appointment call from a salesman.

The second scenario disguised the call and dressed it up in an acceptable and inviting package.

There are many ways to disguise your sales appointment cold calls and dress them up as something of benefit to the prospect. I’m surprised how many people dismiss the idea or say it won’t work for my products or services. Here’s some more ideas and free sales training on Disguising Reasons for Calling

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