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The Sales Buzz Issue 281 - Create Your own Cold Calling Script for Sales Appointments
August 06, 2015

Create Your Own Cold Calling Script for Sales Appointments

Create your own cold calling script for sales appointments by following a 5 stage template already proven to work.

I know many sales people hate cold calling.

Appointment setters can get demotivated after facing objections and rejections.

Often the same old call script get used for years and nobody thinks to improve it or look for proven new ways to give calling a boost.

So the appointment setting section at has had a facelift.

It's Looking Good and waiting for You

The website's looking good and ready for visitors looking for a fresh start to cold calling.

The section had grown too big, the appointment call script training was buried under lots of other good cold calling tips.

So all the other pages have been moved out and it now has a nice clean look that focuses just on the 5 Stage template for creating sales appointment call scripts.

Take a look and let us know what you think, leave us a comment, a bit of feedback, can you use what's there, or just say hello.

Here's a quick summary of what's there, you can read it now, or go straight to Appointment Setting...

The 5 Stage Template to Create Your Own Cold Calling Script for Sales Appointments

The sales appointment training in the updated section of the website will show you what should be included in each of the 5 sections of your sales appointment script.

Simply start with the Introduction Stage and follow the template through the stages to create a cold calling script that will contain the proven techniques

1. Introdcution Stage

What to include in your Introduction.

Know what say and say it with confidence.

Stop boring prospects with waffle.

Prevent early objections.

And follow the training to create the most important line of the whole call.

Simply add your own words and create your own cold calling script with a stunning Introduction to start your call with confidence.

2. The Motivator

A unique technique that you will not find on traditional sales training courses.

See it here only.

Developed and proven to motivate prospects to keep listening as you get them to the next stage of the call.

Stop losing prospects at the early stages.

3. Qualifying

Don't waste time meeting with buyers that can't buy from you.

Qualify them as a potential cutomer.

Do you have a list of information you need from a prospect to decide if you can sell to them.

No? You urgently neeed to read this stage of the sales appointment call, follow the link at the end...

4. Gain Agreement to a Meeting

The fun bit, the stage where you ask for commitment to a meeting.

Have you got a way of asking for the meeting that works effectively for you?

Does it make you cold call with confidence?

Would you like a proven appointment call closing technique that has already been successful for many others just like you?

Folow the 2 part template for creating a closing question and confidently fill your sales appointment diary.

5. Overcoming Appointment Objections

Early smoke screen ones raised just to get you off the phone.

Mid-call ones that come up because you lost their interest. Probably too much waffle...

And later ones as you try to close which will at least be based on real concerns or issues.

Objections can come up at any time but I put them in stage 5 because the more you follow the trainng on how to create your own cold calling scripts for sales appointments the more objections you will prevent.

Now take a look at the new, revamped, restructured, easier to follow, Appointment Setting

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