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The Sales Buzz Issue 262 - Cold Calling Professional Tips Proven to Work
March 18, 2015

Cold Calling Professional Tips Proven to Work

Cold calling professional tips used by telesales and appointment makers to get the best results from their telephone calling sessions.

A successful telephone cold call session relies on 2 important elements:

1. The words and phrases that you use in your sales or appointment making script.

2. The techniques that you use when making the calls.

The techniques include:

The way you physically make the calls.

How many calls to make at a time.

The importance of posture, breathing, and body position.

Something many sales people find difficult is maintaining focus on making the calls and the objectives of the calling session.

They have to face making a similar sales pitch call after call but the successful callers make each call sound as fresh as the first.

How do they keep the motivation level needed to do that?

Many sales people struggle to sound interested after making just a few cold calls and getting some rejection.

As part of the sales training I write about on the website I use Modelling techniques to copy what successful people do and train it on to people that want to achieve the same results.

What I want to do for my sales teams, and the visitors to the website, is to make them stand out because of the tips and techniques that I’ve taken from successful professionals and passed on to them.

Cold Calling Professional Tips to Make You Stand Out

Throughout my career I’ve learned the cold calling professional tips that successful telesales and appointment makers have developed to get the best results from their telephone sessions.

Those techniques are all being added to the website, on free pages, in the sales appointment setting section. This section will be constantly updated and new techniques and cold calling professional tips added.

One of the most fascinating training pages for me to research was on how appointment makers and telesales people keep focused on their own personal objectives.

This was in a call centre in the UK where the staff made almost the same sales appointment pitch day after day, that’s not a job you can do for long without burning yourself out unless you know how to keep focused and motivated.

Other techniques in the section look at how sales people that make their own sales appointments can prepare a telephone calling session so they get great results. Again this uses cold calling professional tips picked up from successful people in different roles.

Understand What You Do Now

As you look at the tips in the Sales Appointment section be honest with yourself about what you do now.

How do you feel about making cold calls?

Do you like making them, hate them, or just do it because it’s part of the job.

How important are the call results to you and what difference could they make to you personally and in your career. Once you are honest about the above you will get the right level of motivation to take on board the sales training offered.

It’s like making an investment, you want to know what you’ll get in return for what you put in.

Now see what you can gain from what others have proven to work with cold calling professional tips...

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