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The Sales Buzz Issue 312 - Learn More Sales Benefits and Gain an Advantage
April 13, 2016

Learn More Sales Benefits and Gain an Advantage

Learn more sales benefits and gain an advantage on competitors that only know and use the major features and benefits of their products and services.

When you know the smaller benefits and features of your sales offer you can make more sales appointments and close more sales.

You can give more prospects reasons to buy that are specific to their needs.

This gives you a real edge as you meet the needs that can make a difference between you and the competition.

This simple technique will show you how to learn the small specific benefits of what you sell, and constantly update your product knowledge.

Learn Sales Benefits and Reframe
Your Sales Pitch

To learn more sales benefits list all the features of the products and services that you sell.

You can do it on paper but a spreadsheet is easier to edit.

List all the features you know, these will be the ones you regularly use in your sales presentations.

Look for the Small Features

When you've done that look for more. Look at your product, sales literature, contracts, specifications, and any information that you have on whatever it is that you sell.

Pick out the real small detail features. Remember these are not benefits, just features. You're looking for what the product does or has.

These small features are things like: colours, size, delivery times, the weight, a mechanical action, a safety feature, the packaging, how you operate it, how you order more, absolutely anything about what you sell whether it's an intentional feature for the user or buyer, or an unplanned part of the product construction or the service process.

Then Look for More

Don't just focus on the actual product or service but also look at how it is supplied to the customer. look at the order and delivery process, support and back up, contingency plans, and the billing process.

Once you have a long list, and you can get a long list for any sales offer, start to add the benefits to the buyer next to each feature.

Add Benefits to Your Features

Next to each feature write as many benefits, of that feature, as you can.

You may have to reframe your mind-set to do this.

For example, your products may be delivered in a large bulk order to the customer. You may see this as a negative because it means a minimum order size, or an inconvenience to the customer that has to store the large order.

But take any judgement out of your thought process while doing this exercise, and instead look for how a large order could be a benefit to some customers.

Could it keep delivery cost down, make stock checks and reordering less frequent, or give bigger discounts. To be on your benefit last it only has to be a potential benefit to a customer in one set of circumstances.

There are no rights or wrongs, negatives or positives, just features and their related benefits.

It's the needs of the individual prospects that make them suitable and applicable or not. Your job, once the list is complete, is to know which features and benefits to use. That's the art of selling.

Include Small and Specific Benefits

The majority of benefits you add to your list of features will be specific to a small number of buyers.

They will not be the big all-encompassing wide-ranging benefits that are shouted out loud on your marketing literature and other media. You already know about them, so do your buyers, and you use them in most of your sales presentations.

The Objective of This Exercise

The objective of this exercise is to learn more sales benefits, the ones you don't currently use, and the ones that you can now use when talking to prospects with needs related to those benefits.

When you learn more sales benefits that are small, specific, and only applicable to a few prospects, you will have an edge over competitors.

If you do this exercise regularly you'll find the benefits come to mind when prospects are talking to you and you can then include them in your sales presentations and sales appointment calls.

How We Use These Additional
Features and Benefits

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