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The Sales Buzz Issue 285 - 5 Step Cold Calling Training – Continuous Success
September 04, 2015

5 Step Cold Calling Training – Continuous Success

This 5 step cold calling training process gives you continuous improvements to your results on telesales, telemarketing, and appointment setting calls.

Constantly improve your performance or that of your teams.

Simply follow this 5 step process:

Analyse your calls.

Identify targets for training.

Prioritise and select the best targets.

Take cold call training actions.

Test the results.

See How to Use This Technique

On the free pages of the website we'll show you exactly how to use the 5 steps above.

Follow the process and you'll:

  • Increase your performance.
  • Have job security.
  • Gain the valuable skill of training others.
  • Increase your income or grow your business.

This 5 step cold calling training process works for all types of calls and has been developed and proven while working with professional cold callers.

It has proven successful for employed people, self employed and small business owners.

Whether you're new to telesales or appointment making, an experienced caller with good results, or your struggling to hit target, this training process will be of benefit to you. See more on our free sales training pages at Cold Call Training...

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